Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much
— Helen Keller

Who we are

We are four friends and we have always been: we have chosen ourselves since we were very young and we still choose to going together every day. Our common passions for photography, travel and adventure that knows no boundaries has led us to be what we are today: the Ethnologies Team. Different but well amalgamated we are each other's support, both during travels as well as at home.

Gianmarco Meroni

1988, ♂️, Italy
Nikon D800

Laura Cesana

1988,♀️, Italy

Matteo Maggioni

1989, ♂️, Italy
Canon 5Dmk3
Leica + Hasseleblad film

Elena Marzorati

1989,♀️, Italy


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Excited to have shared our photographs with you, we will be equally happy if you contact us for information on prints, photographs, our travels or just to take away some curiosity about us. Don't be shy :)

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Where we are

Everyone is known as the “Bel Paese” and we can only agree with this expression. Originally from Italy, our base is located a few steps away from Como Lake, in a place surrounded by verdant hills at the feet of the Pre-Alps.


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