Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.

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Namibia - 2013
15 days tour
5.500 km


Nepal - 2012
Annapurna Trekking
Reached 4.200 m

Sichuan - 2014
16 days tour
2500 km

Sri Lanka - 2015
22 days tour
1.850 km

Ladakh - 2016
16 days tour
Reached 5.600 m

SouthEast Asia

Vietnam - 2011
15 days tour
North to South

Borneo - 2017
18 days tour
Deep in the rainforest


Always in progress
All over the Alps

Weekend escape
Facing the Ocean




Namibia is an African precious stone that very few people deeply explored. Traveling along this country you will find so many great contrasts that you will easily forget to be in the dark continent. Majestic dunes are followed by green oasis full of life. Endless spaces, plenty of animals, are cut through boundless roads, which get lost in the oldest desert of the world. Mysterious seashores of fine sand are reflected in the ocean that echoes the colonial history. The forever-blue sky, the wide and quiet spaces hide a subsoil rich in diamonds and gemstones.

Passing through Namibia is a unique experience to discover some of the most remote places on earth. The deep silence and the wildness of this country offer you moving emotions that fight against time to last forever, like the sands of the desert.




At the foot of the highest peaks in the world, Nepal, the land of sherpas and yaks, monasteries and mantras, combines the spectacular Himalayan landscapes with golden temples and fascinating hilltop villages.

The land of the most beautiful and unspoiled paths in the world, it is unfortunately a poor country, but rich in natural beauty, history and culture that, once known, is impossible to forget.



China, a far off land that has always fascinated the Western world, is a vast territory that hides mysterious places and monuments that attract tourists from all over the world. With its ancient culture embodies all the charm of the Far East and the taste of mystical lands such as Sichuan, a region of south-west which boasts a reputation as the green heart of Asia, a unique and wild place where you can discover a piece of a still authentic China.

Natural enchanted atmosphere, a continuous crescendo of color intensity: from the green hills rich in waterfalls and lakes where the pandas are hidden, to the endless grasslands of the Tibetan plateau dotted with tents of nomads who move with their yaks. When you leave the plains you suddenly enter the Land of Kham, the kingdom of peace and tranquility. Loads of monasteries surrounded by breathtaking views of the sacred peaks, magnificent and prohibited places where to seek your deepest soul, are just some of the mysteries to be discovered in this beautiful and remote area of our planet. 


Sri Lanka

A tropical island that for centuries is attracting travelers with its atmosphere dense of spirituality and serenity. Among the nicknames of Sri Lanka, “Green Pearl of the Indian Ocean” seems to be the most appropriate.

The teardrop-shaped island, located off the southeastern coast of India, once known as Ceylon, is hidden like a treasure that has to be discovered. Fascinating and spectacular, for everyone represents the perfect destination to combine nature and traditions which both are still strongly connected in its people.

Golden beaches surrounded by endless coconut plantations, long waves breaking slowly on the coast, the mountains immersed into the mist from which suddenly open up breathtaking views, mighty elephants and giant whales that can be seen without difficulty, green plantations of fine Ceylon tea, a glorious past and different cultures that blend with each other are the thousands of colorful and varied facets of this fascinating island. 



Ladakh, also remembered as “the last Shangri-La”, is the lost paradise where time has suddenly stopped. Hidden between the gigantic mountain chains of Karakorum and Himalayas, it is a region of long valleys and deep gorges furrowed by the Indo waters, crystalline skies, spectacular mountains, snowy peaks, colors and amazing people. 

The steep mountain walls that surround the whole region turn the landscape into an extremely fascinating and unforgettable but difficult to reach place. With the highest mountain passes in the world, the access to these territories requires crossing a winding road above the valleys, known as the Hell Road to Heaven. Nestled between these peaks, there are wonderful Buddhist monasteries, where colorful prayer flags float in the sky while monks are singing the ancient mantra into the wind as the wheels of prayer keep running without an end.

Crossing the Ladakh means getting lost in its countless isolated valleys and sand dunes, which stand against the glaciers, facing a deafening and unknown silence.




Spectacular and colorful landscapes, rich in natural beauties, an extraordinary ancient culture and a people always smiling and kind are just some of the faces of a country that can fascinate and amaze even the most experienced travelers.

Going to Vietnam means being enchanted by the green rice fields dotted with traditional hats of workers, rivers populated by traditional boats, large cities and small and colorful fishing villages.




The Alps, worldwide renowned majestic peaks, rise to the northern extremities of Italy making the surrounding landscapes very suggestive in every season.

Cold and transparent alpine lakes, fairytale woods that in autumn take on the most varied shades of bronze and the highest forever snowy peaks that shine in the sunlight reflecting the sky, create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in which to get lost even with a single look.



Far from the big cities and the most famous holiday resorts, this corner of Spain is able to surprise even the most demanding travelers.

Wooded hills that rise from the plains and cliffs bathed by the strong Atlantic ocean waves are the perfect outline to leave the paved road and make surprising discoveries of this stretch of coastline overlooking the ocean, paradise for surfers and for all those who want to enjoy a spectacular sea without going too far away.